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You’ve heard us talk about dozens of great book recommendations for gamers on the show.  But when can you find time to read them?   Audio books are the answer, and there is no better resource for audio books than Audible. 

The D6 Generation is extremely proud to have Audible as a sponsor of the show.  We take great pride in the fact that our sponsors represent the best in their industry, and Audible is certainly a fantastic example of the best way to enjoy books while commuting, on a road trip, at the gym, painting, or even organizing your favorite board game.

“I’ve been a happy Audible subscriber since 2004 and built up a library of over 270 books!  Their service has allowed me to enjoy books wherever I go no matter what device I use.   And their library is second to none.  You’ve heard me compare Malifaux to Steven King’s Dark Tower series.  Want to read it? It’s on Audible.  Looking for more obscure geek books based on Halo, Mass Effect, or Starcraft?  They’ve got those too.   What about steam punk like Bonecrusher or Leviathan?  They’ve got those as well.   And you can’t beat the price.  I give Audible a 2+ with a re-roll. – Russ Wakelin

But the best part is you can try the whole system out free for 14 days and get a free audio book which is yours to keep.

Click here to help support the show, get a free book to keep, and a free trial offer from Audible for D6G listeners.


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