Win a Dropzone Commander Starter set painted by Craig!

Win a complete Dropzone Commander starter set with models assembled and painted by our own Craig Gallant. Many ways to score entries in the contest...see details below: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Win a pass to New York Comic Con!

Our friends at Geek Nation Tours are giving away free tickets to NYCC!  Three lucky winners will each receive 1 admission ticket to New York Comic Con 2013. This is just admission to the convention, you'll need to take care of transport and lodging.

To enter just log in to the entry system below and then choose one or more ways to enter the contest. The more you do the better your chances to win!

Good luck!

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RPG Song Contest Finalists

The following are the contest finalists for the "RPG Song"  mentioned in Episode 80.

1.   Dusty Boots by Booka Shuade-

I would choose this song for the RPG Deadlands because it has strong Western influences, it has slightly creepy-horror undertones and for some reason it really sounds Steampunky as well. As an added bonus it sounds super cool and makes me think of cowboys just strutting through some lonely, haunted Burg just looking for a fight. I think it perfectly suits Deadlands and should inspire people to make some great zombie-shooting Deadlands campaigns set in the Dusty old Wild West.

George K


2.   Hi guys!

Thanks for a fantastic show! :-)

My choice is:

Nothing To Fear by Chris Rea

I would use it in a World of Darkness - Hunter: The Vigil campaign, whereby the starting premise would be that a loved one of one of the player characters vanished under mysterious circumstances, and the trail leads the group to the Middle-East, including Istanbul and of course some ancient archaelogical site in the desert.

Best regards,

Jeroen V

The Netherlands


3.   pirates of the Caribbean theme music by Hans Zimmer

this music would probably for a game of rouge trader.I do not think that this is a very generic but very cool song to be listening to when thinking of any scenario. I always imagine this music playing when the engines kick in and the ship leaves a planet with its rouge trader at the bridge hands on hips with a bit of a grin with the rest of the party standing behind him.

on an off topic note I would rely appreciate if you could ask the listeners if there are any willing 40k role players in the Mansfield UK area who are willing to teach a me how to play. they can contact by private messaging me on Dakka Dakka under the user name sarge stokes. Thanks

from Jakob


4.  D6 Generation,

I will nominate “Church of the Machine” by Symphony X (off the album Twilight in Olympus). I have often thought of creating an adventure with this song as inspiration. I would probably set it in a D&D-type universe, but I think it could be an adventure seed for a Sci-Fi setting just as well.

Here’s a link:

Adventure Synopsis:

Strange half-animal, half-machine monstrosities are plaguing the countryside. The heroes (sic) must find and destroy the source of these twisted creatures. They must locate the portal to the Platinum Maze and then navigate the strange shifting maze where time and space bend and twist. At the center of the Maze is the Twilight Cathedral, which the adventurers must infiltrate or assault. After finding the source of the monsters, it must be destroyed.

As a D&D-type adventure, the source would probably be a power-hungry warlock (are there really any other kind?) who has made a pact with a Far Realm entity. Instead of unnaturally strange biology, this Far Realm entity’s perversion would manifest as a melding of technology with biological creatures.

Think of the possibilities: Sharks with lasers on their heads!!!!!

Love the show.


Kristofor N - “Runefang” on BGG.

P.S. Craig, feel free to chastise me for the incorrect punctuation on the song and album titles. :)


Honorable Mention:

{RJG Really???Had to show you guys.}

Song:  Oops, I did it again (Britney Spears)  System:  Many systems possible. I will describe the classic fantasy setting.

Adventure:  {This has been formatted to fit your screen}

The climax could of course be something related to the princess seducing one or more of the characters. Maybe this leads to the characters being the target of several other victims of the princesses seduction or this leads to the princess doing something stupid afterwards, like sneaking off on her own after convincing her bodyguards to stay in the castle.

Of course, setting, gender and level of comedy can be adjusted to the gaming group. Paranoia system could be interesting, too, for example.

Tim H


5.  Vladimir De Rosa   Greetings from Germany

Song: Winterborn

Artist: Cruxshadows

Deathwatch or Dark Heresy (if you like washing windows)

The Adventure:  Beneath the surface of an ice world, a regiment of

Valhallan veterans has encountered the malevolence of chaos.  Their

desperate call for help has reached the nearest Watch Station (or come

to the attention of an Inquisitor and his merry men) and the Kill Team

is dispatched to investigate.  Unnatural cold, plague zombies covered

in hoar frost, and an ancient relic requiring one sacrifice to unlock

and another to seal forever awaits them.  Oh and some dirty windows

too, just in case a window cleaner comes by.



The song I'd suggest is "46 & 2" by Tool, which conjures visions of a Callidus assassin injecting herself with polymorphine, in order to infiltrate a Genestealer Cult on some infested world.  The brooding tones of Tool seem perfect for the 40k universe so, I think it would work great with the Dark Heresy system (keep in mind I haven't played any games of 40k roleplay, so I'm not sure if it'd be more appropriate in say, Rogue Trader).

Link here:


-Rob B


Honorable Mention:

Aaron Gasbarro

Drowning Pool - bodies (let the bodies hit the floor)ittle more like this song. nuff said.


7.  Ok guys, This may be the contest I have been waiting for. The song, Autograph's  Turn Up The Radio Everytime I hear this song I think of a spunky little radio named Turnip that must travel the land, giving the music to those in need and then ....... giving them more, but wait what kind of crazy role playing game would allow you to play as a common household item that must save the world from mind crippling silence, why it can only be Appliance Adventures.

For Deathwatch

As much as we all like a good landslide, a deathwatch campaign should run a l

There you go, I hope everytime you hear the song you Don't Stop Believin" in that  little juke box that could and the great "Journey" to do battle against the Street Light People, but that is a tale for another day.    

Jim Shaw

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D6G Black Library Contest

Games Workshop's Black Library sent us a box load of books to give away.  Just check out this photo, each pile is 3 books deep!

Every other week, we're giving away 3 books to one listener who can 'find the phrase'.  For more details, listen to the show.

Round 3:
"While my guards may sleep and my ships lie at anchor, my foes know full well that the big guns never tire."

First 6 correct responses:

1: Justin Lance
2: Triple Diamonds
3: Mark Dieter
4: Marko Doornbos
5: Allen Stucker
6: Derrick Fain (Moogs)

Listen for the results in Ep 45.

Round 2:
"Through the gates that stand between the mortal world and the immortal Realm of Chaos are now closed to me, still I would rather die having glimpsed eternity than never to have stirred the cold furrow of mortal life.
I embrace death without regret as I embraced life without fear."

First 6 correct responses:

1) Andres Solano
2) Mike Whitman
3) Jack McQueston
4) Derrick Fain
5) Justin Lance
6) Evan Miracle

The fickle die picked Mike Whitman.

Round 1:
"Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none."

Only 3 people found the round 1 phrase in time:

1) Ryan Taylor

2) David Farr

3) Mike Whitman

The lucky D6 roll, functioning as a D3 in Ep 43, made Ryan the winner!

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Munchkin Contest Card Pictures

As we discussed in Episode 34, several entries for the "Invent a Munchkin Card Contest" included card images.  While including images wasn't part of the contest and in no way influenced who won, we just had to share some of these clever creations with you. 

I've posted the pictures in our discussion thread about Episode 34.  Click here to go right to the pictures.

Category:Contests -- posted at: 4:19pm EDT

Here are the rules for the contest.   Listen to the show to here what the current prize is giving away.  Oh yes, it's a great one!

What We're Giving Away

New, excellently painted minis from the world's leading fantasy painting service, with three years experience and 20 full time staff. These will be custom painted and assembled to your needs. (Listen to the D6 Generation to hear what the current prize is! - Russ)


To be eligible, a D6Gen listener needs to send an email to .  We will use your email to contact you once a month regarding news and offers at We won't spam you, and you can opt out with a single, painless, click.

As long as you are our email list, you will be automatically considered for all our giveaways on the show.


We currently use Constant Contact, where unsubscribing is a single, painless click. Please be aware that once an address is unsubscribed, Constant Contact will not allow it to be added back, so you won't be able to rejoin for later giveaways!

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The Winning 'Mystery of the Abbey' Entry

In Episode 10 the D6G team offered up the Days of Wonder game "Mystery of the Abbey" to a listener who could correctly answer our D6G trivia challenge.  We also stated that there would be bonus points for creativity.

We received some great entries, but none more thorough and creative then Nils' entry.  Nice job Nils, you're D6G autographed copy of the game is on its way.  And yes, having us sign it probably has devalued the product.   ;-)

We just had to share Nils entry with everyone.  He answered in the form of another quiz... with even more trivia and bonus questions!


The Quiz

1) In what episode does Raef get his nickname & who gives it to him?

Match 1 from each column

A) "Hollywood"          1) Unattributed in Episode 8
B) "Bollywood"          2) Craig in Episode 5
C) "Random Raef"     3) Raef himself in Episode 1
D) "HD"                    4) Raef's Dublin Fan Club in Episode 6 (but it was not fully attributed to Brian Alan until Incoming 1: Mailbag)
E) "Holly"                  5) Raef himself in Episode 5

Extra Credit: Even though Raef seems to have as many different nicknames as the Warhammer Gods of Chaos, which is the one most commonly used, & what is the reason behind it?

Super Extra Credit: What nicknames have been suggested for Russ & Craig (excluding Rapid Fire)?


2) In what episode is Russ called "Rusty Bo Busty Not Crusty"?

Single Choice

A) Episode 1 by Geekly McNerdigan
B) Episode 3 by Jeff of Podhammer
C) Episode 7 by Raef in Rapid Fire
D) Episode 9 by John Yakface of DakkaDakka
E) A & C

Extra Credit: Who does Russ keep locked in his basement in order to serve the d6 hosts tea & cook them food?


3) Give us 1 word that we have invented on the d6 Generation.

Multiple Choice

__ Tacticalness
__ Neanderthrall
__ Andy Rooneyish
__ Yesteryore
__ Easability
__ Dwaddle

__ Infinateness

Extra Credit: What do all the correct invented words have in common?


4) What was the scientific animal name Geekly McNerdigan butchered in the
intro of Rapid Fire Episode 9?

Single Choice

a) Boss Hawg
b) Bos Grunniens
c) Boss Mob

Extra Credit: Explain the significance of the animal to the episode & give the other scientific name for it.


5) How many Monty Python references were NOT made in Episode 7?

1) 25
2) African or European?
3) 5, no 3 Sir!

Extra Credit: List all the possible references to Monty Python in Episode 7.

Stupid Extra Credit: List the Monty Python references in all the other d6 episodes.



1) In what episode does Raef get his nickname & who gives it to him?

A3) "Hollywood" by Raef in Episode 1
B4) "Bollywood" by Brian Alan in Episode 6/Incoming 1, because "he has all the glitz & glam, but in the end you rather feel let down by the whole thing"
C1) "Random Raef" unattributed in Episode 8
D5) "HD" by Raef himself in Episode 5
E2) "Holly" by Craig in Episode 5

Extra Credit: Even though Raef seems to have as many different nicknames as the Warhammer Chaos Gods, which is the one most commonly used, & what is the reason behind it?
"Hollywood".  He gave it to himself because he's bitter he never got one as a kid.

Super Extra Credit: What nicknames have been used for Russ & Craig (excluding Rapid Fire)?
Craig "Boise" Gallant , from intro of Episode 1 & Russ "Redtooth", "Kid Rock", or "DakkaMouse" Wakelin.



2) In what episode is Russ called "Rusty Bo Busty Not Crusty"?

E) A & C (Episode 1 by Geekly McNerdigan & Episode 7 by Raef)

Extra Credit: The Disney Princesses, & in particular, Princess Ariel


3) Give us 1 word that we have invented on the d6 Generation.

Easability: Episode 1b 7:37 by Raef
Tacticalness: Episode 4b 15:20 by Raef
Yesteryore: Episode 6 45:54 by Raef
Infinateness: Episode 8 1:20:08 by Raef

Andy Rooneyish: Episode 2 1:10:11, incorrect because it was invented by Michael Jordal, a d6 fan, not by the d6 hosts

Probably incorrect because they're hopefully mispronounciations instead of a new word
Dwaddle: Episode 8 1:13:05  by Russ
Neanderthrall: Episode 9 24:01 by Russ

Extra Credit: What do all the correct invented words have in common?
Assuming the mispronouciations are just that, all invented words have been created by Raef.


4) What was the scientific animal name Geekly McNerdigan butchered in the intro of Rapid Fire Episode 9?

b) Bos Grunniens

Extra Credit: Explain the significance of the scientific animal & give the other scientific name for it.
Bos Grunniens is one of the scientific name for the Yak, in honor of John "Yakface" who was a guest in Episode 9.  The other name, Poephagus grunniens, is newer, but not universally accepted. 


5) How many Monty Python references were NOT made in Episode 7?

3) 5, no 3 Sir!

Extra Credit: List all the possible references to Monty Python in Episode 7
Episode Intro
Possibly the episode intro message from Russ saying the movie would not be referenced, but then said it does, is somewhat similar to the title cards of the Holy Grail movie.
Holy Grail theme music
Achievements in Gaming
Possibly the reference to Knights fleeing
Shadows Over Camelot review
"They're only models"
"Bring out your dead"
"Far too perilous"
Did You Ever Notice segment
Whole discussion of movie
"Bring out your dead"
"Strange women lying about in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government"
"... odd on 5, or should I say 3 levels."
"I'm not dead yet"
"Run away! Run away!"
"It's only a model"
"African or European?"
"I got better"
"What if we built a big wood badger?"
"I'm not dead yet.  I'm feeling better. I'm feel happy"
"I don't want to talk to you no more.  You empty headed animal food trough wiper.  I fart in your general direction.  Your mother was a hamster & your father smelt of elderberries."
"Go & boil your bottoms you son of a silly person."
"Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more"
"African swallows are non-migratory"
"The best foundation for a castle in a swamp is 2 other castles that already sank into the swamp & a 3rd that burned down, fell over & then sank."
Closing of segment with Old man from Scene 24
Stupid Extra Credit: List the Monty Pytyon references in all the other d6 episodes.
Forget you, my ears are bleeding enough already (but I did notice at least 2).
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