D6G Lost Chapters Book 84 Available

Criag sits Russ down and asks him about roleplaying with his kids, specifically DnD 5e.

Click here to view the full Lost Chapter collection.


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Please Check Out Our Patreon Page

Patreon is a very cool, relativly new, service which easily allows listeners like you to support content producers like the D6 Generation.  Even better it allows us to recognize and reward supporters (aka patrons) in all kinds of interesting ways.

Check out all the details via the link below.  Oh, and if you've ever wondered what we look like we made a video on the page to explain the whole thing.

The D6G Patreon Page

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New Sponsor: Urban Lasercraft

The D6 Generation is proud to welcome Urban Lasercraft t as a new sponsor of the show!  They make a fantastic and affordable selection of tokens, templates and terrain for your Tabletop.

Be sure to use the code D6G for savings!

Click here for the details

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New Sponsor: Miniature Market

The D6 Generation is proud to welcome Miniature Market as a new sponsor of the show!  Be sure to visit their Facebook page for special D6G deals starting with the release of episode 129!


Click here for the details

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D6G - The Free iOS and Android App

We've got a handy app for both iOS and Android.  We hope this makes your D6G listening experience even easier and more fun!  


The app gives you the following abilities:

  • Access to our full catalogue! Our show has gotten so big that all our episodes can't fit in our RSS feed anymore.  But no worries, the app has every episode we've ever done.
  • Start streaming a show live the moment it goes live, even if you're on the road.
  • Don't want to stream? No problem. Star an episode and it downloads to your device for playback even if in airplane mode.
  • Easy to read show notes while playing.  Need to jump to the second segment? Just check the notes and slide the bar.
  • Per episode Extras like downloading the show image, easy to follow links, and more
  • Easy to contact us: Quick links for our voice mail, email, twitter, etc.
  • Lost Chapter episodes, bonus episodes, and main show episodes all in one convienent place.
  • Easy to use search feature.  [iOS only] Did we ever review Shadows Over Camelot? Just type in shadow at the top of the app and hit search!


To get started just search for "The D6 Generation" in either the iTunes app store or the Amazon Appstore for Android.  


Did we mention it's free?

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Hope this holiday season finds you and your family happy and healthy.

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Dystopian War's X-Cam

Craig has been hard at work adapting the X-Cam system for Dystopain Wars.  And our local gaming group has been testing all the crazy missions for weeks.

Here are the results.  We've got documents covering full Dystopain Wars X-cam rules, missions, and you can even see how our local league is doing.

Check out hese links:

Happy Gaming!

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Russ appears on This Week in Wargaming Podcast Ken, the host of This Week in Wargaming (TWiW), was kind enough to invite Russ and TWiW founder Troy on the show to discuss the new tech hotness: The iPad.  Specifically, how will the iPad effect the gaming hobby?  Will it change how we play games, track rules, and manage our books?

Tune in to TWiW Episode AT-11 to listen to our thoughts. 

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Blogging Bloggers who Blog

Several of the folks involved with the D6G Team have recently taken up blogging in their spare time.

If you'd like to see what they're blogging about, here is a handy list of links.

D6G Team

Craig's Blog: Link

Raef's Blog: Link

Russ's Blog: Link


Nicole's Blog: Link

Owen's Blog: Link

Ken's Blog: Link 


And don't forget our D6G Twitter and Facebook:

D6G Twitter: Link

D6G Facebook: Link

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Probability & The D6G Rating System

Special thanks to listener Bill Roberston who sent in the following details about our rating system and how the re-rolls really stack up.


No, I'm not a math nerd.  I was forced to take statistics in school,
and that included a healthy dose of probability.  The first part of
most probability courses covers the binomial distribution, which tells
you if you try something a bunch of times, what are the odds that 1
try will succeed, or 2 will succeed etc...

My little gamer mind immediately latched on to this, and only this,
part of the course!

For example, if I want to know the chance of a 3+ with a reroll.  I
first start with a google search for binomial calculator.  Next, plug
in 2 tries with a .67 success chance.  Calculate the result and ask it
to tell me the chance of getting 1 or more successes.

So out of curiosity, I used the web calculator to figure out all of
the d6 with a reroll values and ranked them together with the
single-roll odds.  This is the one I used.

2++ = 97%
3++ = 89%
2+  = 83%
4++ = 75%
3+  = 67%
5++ = 56%
4+  = 50%
5+  = 34%
6++ = 31%
6+  = 17%

+ = w/o a reroll
++ = with a reroll

I don't use it very much, but its very handy when coming up with house
rules to see what the effect of multiple rolls would be.  Or, if I
feel like a baby, I use it to see how fast animosity will screw my Orc
army as it gets larger.


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REMINDER: GenCon 2009 Coverage

We're very excited to be attending GenCon Indy 2009 this year!  If you want to catch up with us there, OR if you want to see the latest news as we find out about it:

1) Follow our Twitter feed.  We'll send out Tweets throughout the weekend on where we are, where we're eating, and if we've suddenly got time to run a game of Werewolf or something.  We'll also be Tweeting and posting pics of hot news events throughout the show.  Even if you can't make it to GenCon, we'll keep you in the loop.  Our Twitter Feed: The Official D6G Twitter Feed.

2) Visit our "Intro to Podcasting" seminar on Thursday, August 13th, at 2pm.  We're event ID SEM0905958 location: Westin: Caucus.  We'll definitly all be there, so it's a great chance to catch us in one spot. 

We hope to see you there.  And don't forget if we see you with a D6G TacCom button or other D6G Merchandise we'll hook you up with a little D6G goodie you can only get by meeting us in person!

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August Show Schedule - Detour Ahead

Due to the D6G team trip to GenCon Indy 2009, we're going to delay Episode 38 one week.  It would normally air around Monday, August 17th.  Instead Episode 38 will go live near Monday, August 24th.

This also means the shout out auctions for for Episode 38 will be delayed.  These would normally be up now.  Instead the shout out auctions for episode 38 will begin Monday August 10th and run 7 days.

Thanks for understanding and we look forward to sharing our GenCon discoveries with you soon.

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More GenCon Auction

Well, it took a bit but now all of the incredible amount of stuff that Paul over at The View from the Turret donated to the show are up on ebay. 

There's all kinds of crazy stuff from a Flames of War intelligence book to buildings to Federation starships to Imperial Guard.  There's even a copy of the boxed game "Frontiers."

Nearly all of it is in mint condition and remember that all proceeds go to help fund the D6G trip to GenCon 2009.

To check out the listings, click here.

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The D6G Caricature Shirt

We've received some requests to have shirts with the 'original' D6G caricature logo on them.  So, we thought, why not?

The first is a simple T-shirt.  Check it out via our Merchandise Link.

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GenCon 2009 Fundraising Auctions Started

Friend of the show Paul over at The View from the Turret donated a bunch of great stuff to us and we decided to use it to help raise funds for our trip to GenCon 2009. 

We'll be running these auctions over the next week or so, and we've got the first batch of items up: Dwarven Forge Sci-Fi Terrain! 

This stuff is basically mint-in-box, pre-painted and ready to go for sci-fi RPG's, miniature war games, or whatever else you can dream up.

To check out the listings, click here.

And keep an eye out for more items coming soon.

Thanks again Paul!

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Free Shipping World Wide!

Now through the end of June you can get free shiping on any D6G merchandise! 

Just enter the code JUNESHIPFREE during checkout, and you pay no shipping on the order ... no matter where you live.

The deal ends June 30th.  Click here to head right to the store.

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Holy Twit!

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  Actually, does anyone really say that any more?

Any hoo, you can now keep up with the antics of the D6G team via Twitter.  So now, if you're a twitter fan, you can keep up with us that way as well.

Happy tweeting!

Our feed: http://twitter.com/TheD6Generation

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Help Spread Some D6G Love

Like our show?  Want to help others find us?  Already left an iTunes review but still feel like shouting: "The D6 Generation is not too horrible!" to the rest of the world?  Or maybe your just like Raef and can't figure out iTunes at all...

If you feel this need, why not vote for us over at PodCastAlley?  They keep running, monthly totals of podcasts who get lots of fan votes.  And you can vote again each month to help give your favorite shows a little love.

Click here to vote for The D6 Generation on PodCastAlley

Thanks for the support!

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Thanks to a great suggestion from Australian listener Andy Ray, we're proud to announce our new children's line of D6G shirts: 

And don't forget, with just a few clicks you can change the color and/or style of just about any product.

Color change examples: (White/Blue/Pink)


Style change examples:



Click here for the D6G Merchandise store

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The response to our new logo has been great.  And we're very excited to announce a new D6G merchandise line featuring the "Charlie" D6G logo and some of our favorite D6G tag lines.

Remember that purchasing D6G merchandise helps support the show, and gives us greater flexibility in the kind of events we cover in the future. Click on the link to the D6G Store to check out our full line of D6G products: Click Here

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The D6G Tip Jar

If you would like to support the show with a direct donation, please click the link below. Thank you!

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X-Cam Campaign Rule Sets

[Update: Battlelore X-cam Rules & Spreadsheet added]

In Episode 25 we discussed the X-Cam system for playing games in a relaxed campaign format.  We also promised some samples of the X-cam rule sets we'd come up with for different game systems. 

The rules we have now are presented below.  As we come up with more, we'll add them to the list. 

Here are the links to what we have today:

Warhammer 40,000: Rules and Missions

Babylon 5: A Call to Arms


Uncharted Seas


X-Cam Data Management Spreadsheet (Thanks Tom!)

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We had been experiencing techincal problems with our voice mail phone number... but no more!!

Our voice mail number is now working fine again.  So dial the number to the right, leave us a message and/or enter a contest!


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Since mentioning our adventures in “Uncharted Seas” by Spartan Games we’ve received MANY requests for photos of our models.  Craig Gallant has answered the call on his blog showing off his amazing terrain and his two fleets: Dragon Lords and Iron Dwarves.


Check out the pictures over at Craig’s Blog.

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We're in the News

An article about The D6 Generation appeared in the November 16th, 2008 edition of the Manchester Union leader.  The full version was a half page spread including a full color photo.

To read the online version of the article, click here.

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Troy intvited me in on This Week in Wargaming's round table discussion about Warhammer Online and Space Marines.

You can check out the episode here by clicking here.

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Craig appears on Podhammer.net Craig joins Jeff Carroll on Episode 29 of Podhammer to discuss fun quick games one might play after a long day of tourney combat.

Give it a listen here:

Podhammer Episode 29

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Raef 'Hollywood' Granger appears in Episode 3 of  "This Week in Wargaming." This show has guests on from various podcasts to discuss the gaming industry.  The topic this time around is Privateer Press.

Check it out here:

This Week in Wargaming

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A new podcast has started, "This Week in Wargaming." This show has guests on from various podcasts to discuss the gaming industry.

The D6G team was invited to participate from time to time, and Hollywood managed to make it onto episode 2.

Check it out here:

This Week in Wargaming

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A new podcast has started, "This Week in Wargaming." This show has guests on from various podcasts to discuss the gaming industry.

The D6G team was invited to participate from time to time, and I managed to make it onto episode 1.

Check it out here:

This Week in Wargaming

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