D6G Episode 37: Rogue Trader RPG Interview & Arcane Legions detailed review

Highlights this episode include a Rogue Trader RPG interview and a detailed review of Arcane Legions.

First we interview Ross Watson, Fantasy Flight Games' lead man on the Warhammer 40,000 themed RPG's Dark Heresy and the new "Rogue Trader."  We find out what to expect in this new edition to the 40k RPG line up.

Later the D6G team gets into the details on exactly how the new hybrid game Arcane Legions works.  We've had our hands on two of the demo kits, the first was from Origins and the second is the updated kit with the improved models.  We've assembled the miniatures and played the game and we're ready to share our thoughts.

All that and our usual 'not too horrible' humor, with features such as:

- When Wives Attack
- The Hollywood Minute
- Achivements in Gaming
- The Score
- & More

[Note: We know our shows are long, so now we've added time offsets to help you find the major segments quickly.  See below]

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 ==Quick Reference==

Ross Watson Rogue Trader Interview: 1hr 24 min

When Wives Attack: 2 hr 29 min

The Score: 2 hr 49 min

Arcane Legions Detailed Review: 3 hr 2 min

Discussed in the show:

When Wives Attack Blog: Link

Craig's Blog: Link

Wargamer Radio Network: Link

Pulp Gamer Network: Link


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