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A “not too horrible” general gaming podcast in production for more years than we care to admit.

Dice are our vice.

Feb 26, 2011

Gamers are in all walks of life.  But if your an executive of a major corporation, traveling constantly, how can you find time for gaming and your family?  We interview Angelo Lombardi, the COO of La Quinta Inns and Suites, to find out how this die hard gamer finds time to do it all.

Later, we check out a a classic...

Audible, Show Sponsor

Feb 24, 2011

You’ve heard us talk about dozens of great book recommendations for gamers on the show.  But when can you find time to read them?   Audio books are the answer, and there is no better resource for audio books than Audible. 

The D6 Generation is extremely proud to have Audible as a sponsor of the show.  We take great...

Feb 17, 2011

The D6G Team reviews the major brands of paints they use and discuss which they like to use when.  They also give some quick tips on painting small vehicle and ship models.

Feb 12, 2011

Merchants and Marauders, from Z-man Games, brings the age of sail to the board.  Which is better?  The life of a Pirate or that of an honest merchant?  The D6G crew examines how the game plays and gives you the details in this mega-sode.

But first, Raef holds a "Round Table" and asks Russ and Craig the tough...

Dystopian War's X-Cam

Feb 9, 2011

Craig has been hard at work adapting the X-Cam system for Dystopain Wars.  And our local gaming group has been testing all the crazy missions for weeks.

Here are the results.  We've got documents covering full Dystopain Wars X-cam rules, missions, and you can even see how our local league is doing.

Check out hese...