This special bonus Episode was put togeather by Hollywood and Craig and covers their initial impressions from Gen Con '08.  We'll be diving into full detail of some of the games and events in future episodes, but we just wanted to give you a quick teaser while you were waiting for episode 14.

Here's some of the highlights in this bonus Episode:

  1. Quick Run down of Gen Con Indy '08
  2. Games Played
    1. Battlestar Galactica
    2. Cutthroat Caverns
    3. Monsterpocolypse
    4. Agricola
    5. & much more
  3. Interview with the creator of "The Ultimate Gaming Table"
  4. Interview with Andrew about "Eyriss Story"


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In Episode 13 we give an in depth review of the Days of Wonder board game Battlelore.  We also dive into Privateer Press's miniature war game Hordes. 

Plus our usual antics including:

- When Wives Attack
- Off the Table (Civilization Revolution)
- The Hollywood Minute
- & More

We also discuss the contest rules to win pre-painted Hordes models by Click Here to see photos of the models.

If you'd like to discuss the show with us and others in our forum thread: click here.

Advertisers this episode:

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