Recorded 'live' from a hotel room at GenCon 2021, Russ shares his thoughts on the con this year, the hotness, and what was acquired!

Also, a detailed review of Dungeon Drop from Phase Shift games included the new expansion: Drop Deeper.

Direct download: D6GPip85.mp3
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In which we learn the value of rest, the difficulty of where to go next, and if you are going to get critical hit twice, be sure it’s by a goblin.

Direct download: D6GPip84.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 4:48pm EDT

Our DM Academy series continues with Raef interviewing Russ's brother John on his DM style which involves building worlds from scratch.  Very different from Russ, who prefers to leverage pre-made source material.

Direct download: D6GPip83.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 4:38pm EDT

In which we learn how to spring a trap, how to anger a god, & how exhaustion works in 5e.

Direct download: D6GPip_82.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 5:01pm EDT

In which we see knives in the dark, a shiv in the gut, and an oath breaker delt with.

Direct download: D6GPip81.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 8:22am EDT

In this episode it's a bit of "Achievements in Gaming," looking at what's been on the table and screen lately including Krosmasters Arena and Cyberpunk 2077.

Direct download: D6GPip80.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 9:30am EDT

In which we learn why every party needs a Hodor.

Direct download: D6GPip79.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 6:59am EDT

In which owlbears are freed and everyone says "Ewww" 

Direct download: D6GPip78.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 8:37pm EDT

In which we learn what hand signals are best for infiltrating a castle.

Direct download: D6GPip77.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 6:53pm EDT

Culling through the back of the game closet an old game is found.  Is it still worth keeping in the collection?

It's time to return that old game to the table and see. This time: Mage Wars.  How is it nearly 10 years after release?

Direct download: D6GPip76.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 10:01am EDT

In which our party discovers what IS in the bottom of a well and the value of a well-made pole.


Direct download: D6GPip75.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 6:56am EDT

In this pip Russ reviews an oldie but a goodie: Smash Up.  And we get an update on the Song of Ice and Fire map-based campaign mechanics.

Direct download: D6GPip74.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 1:56pm EDT

In which Karluk makes a cyclops really hot, Pyrric slips Euphemia the tongue, & Thraal's rocks explode.

(All of that happened, and all of it is rated G)

Direct download: D6GPip73.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 5:30pm EDT

Raef has still more questions for Russ on approaches to DMing. This time around we tackle pacing the 'rest'.  How do you keep your players from just continually resting to recharge their abilities?

Plus other DM type topics!

Direct download: D6GPip72.mp3
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In which we learn how not to approach a pair of snacking cyclops. 
[We assume the plural of cyclops follows the deer/sheep rule] 

Direct download: D6GPip71.mp3
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Russ shares what furniture & techniques he & his oldest daughter chose to use to display his geekery.

Direct download: D6GPip70.mp3
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A minotaur loses consciousness.

A dwarf loses his memory.

And the party loses their horses. (Again)

Direct download: D6GPip69.mp3
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Raef interviews Russ on more Dungeon Master tips and tricks.  We cover a variety of topics from how to keep from waisting prep work to what to keep behind the curtain.

Direct download: D6GPip68.mp3
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In which we learn how to harvest a dragon and what Klarg's been cooking.

Direct download: D6GPip67.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 8:02am EDT

In this pip our band of Roleplay 8 Charisma players level their D&D characters up from level 3 to level 4.  Listen to their thought processes and learn a few tips and tricks about leveling via virtual tabletop software.

Direct download: D6GPip66.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 10:08am EDT

In which cultists learn the downside of dealing with dragons, a dragon learns the downside of accepting a gift horse, and a new friend is made.

Direct download: D6GPip65.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 10:19am EDT

Russ shares his thoughts on the board game "Galaxy Hunters" from IDW Games. Mechs, biomutants, and worker placement? In space?  With dice? Yes, please.

Direct download: D6GPip64.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 11:49am EDT

Session 21 of our D&D live campaign in which the dwarves discover reverse psychology.

Direct download: D6GPip63.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 7:46am EDT

Craig & Russ give a classic D6G review of Cool Mini or Not's miniature war game A Song of Ice and Fire.

Later Raef interviews Aaron Lebauer, a business owner who finds a lot of value in Dungeons and Dragons.

Entrepreneurs & Dragons starts at the 1 hr mark.

Direct download: D6GPip62.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 11:32am EDT

In this D&D megasode we learn how to recover an axe lodged in a tree and why it isn't smart to invade a tree's personal space.

Also Russ shares his thoughts on the board game Roll Player.

Roll Player review begins at the 1 hour 58 minute mark. 

Direct download: D6GPip61.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 4:56pm EDT

Raef, Craig, & Russ all in the same episode again?

You bet...although spread out.

Up first Craig & Russ discuss Craig's new home brew Song of Ice & Fire campaign we'll be starting featuring the miniature game from CMON.

Then later Raef "Hollywood" Granger hosts a panel with the players from our D&D live campaign discussing tips and techniques to bring your characters to life.

Character Acadamy starts at the 42 min mark.

Bonus content note: There are an additional ~50 minutes of Character academy available over in the lost chapters on Patreon. Unfortunately the language got a little too colorful for the main show.

Direct download: D6GPip60.mp3
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In this DnD megasode we learn that halflings have backbone and Ullrick reads from the book of grudges.  Among other things.

Also, Russ shares his thoughts on the video game Desperaos 3 during the interlude.

Desperados 3: 1 hr 53 min mark.

Direct download: D6GPip59.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 7:35pm EDT

Craig and Russ discuss the newest game set in Frank Herbert's Dune universe: Dune Imperium. 

Will Craig enjoy a deck builder worker placement game with sandworms?

And later Raef returns for another "D&D Academy" segment.  This time Raef shares how he approaches making a character his own.

If you would like to fast forward directly: D&D Academy starts at the 40 minute mark.

Direct download: D6GPip58.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 3:22pm EDT

It's another D6G Megasode!  We've got two Dungeons and Dragons live play sessions, 15-16 in which the party finally makes it to Thundertree...and get's into some serious horseplay.

Between sessions, Russ shares his thoughts on the Forbidden Waters, one of the big 2020 releases from Plaid Hat games.

Forbidden Waters review starts at the 1 hr 31 min mark.

Direct download: D6GPip57.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 10:54am EDT



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