Craig & Russ give a classic D6G review of Cool Mini or Not's miniature war game A Song of Ice and Fire.

Later Raef interviews Aaron Lebauer, a business owner who finds a lot of value in Dungeons and Dragons.

Entrepreneurs & Dragons starts at the 1 hr mark.

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In this D&D megasode we learn how to recover an axe lodged in a tree and why it isn't smart to invade a tree's personal space.

Also Russ shares his thoughts on the board game Roll Player.

Roll Player review begins at the 1 hour 58 minute mark. 

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Raef, Craig, & Russ all in the same episode again?

You bet...although spread out.

Up first Craig & Russ discuss Craig's new home brew Song of Ice & Fire campaign we'll be starting featuring the miniature game from CMON.

Then later Raef "Hollywood" Granger hosts a panel with the players from our D&D live campaign discussing tips and techniques to bring your characters to life.

Character Acadamy starts at the 42 min mark.

Bonus content note: There are an additional ~50 minutes of Character academy available over in the lost chapters on Patreon. Unfortunately the language got a little too colorful for the main show.

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In this DnD megasode we learn that halflings have backbone and Ullrick reads from the book of grudges.  Among other things.

Also, Russ shares his thoughts on the video game Desperaos 3 during the interlude.

Desperados 3: 1 hr 53 min mark.

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Craig and Russ discuss the newest game set in Frank Herbert's Dune universe: Dune Imperium. 

Will Craig enjoy a deck builder worker placement game with sandworms?

And later Raef returns for another "D&D Academy" segment.  This time Raef shares how he approaches making a character his own.

If you would like to fast forward directly: D&D Academy starts at the 40 minute mark.

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It's another D6G Megasode!  We've got two Dungeons and Dragons live play sessions, 15-16 in which the party finally makes it to Thundertree...and get's into some serious horseplay.

Between sessions, Russ shares his thoughts on the Forbidden Waters, one of the big 2020 releases from Plaid Hat games.

Forbidden Waters review starts at the 1 hr 31 min mark.

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