"Hollywood" joins us again as we break out our crystal balls and predict what 2020 will bring for gaming and beyond. Russ introduces a new predicting technique that he is sure will up his accuracy for predictions. After all, how could anything he learned from The Witcher fail?

Direct download: D6GPip34.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 5:46am EDT

Raef "Hollywood" Granger is back on the show as we review the predictions we made for 2019 back in December 2018.
How accurate were we and who will reign supreme as the preeminent prognosticator?
Direct download: D6GPip33.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 10:10am EDT

Craig & Russ each just got a new game. Craig picked up Marvel Crisis Protocol while Russ acquired Aeronautica Imperialis.
They open them for the first time together on the air and share their thoughts on the quality & value of these two miniature games from very different companies.
Direct download: D6GPip32.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 8:29am EDT

Russ makes the argument that 2019 has been a FANTASTIC year for video game RPG's. He discusses open world RPG's like Assasin's Creed Origin's but also dives in two fantastic games with party management: Greedfall & Outer Worlds.

Direct download: D6GPip31.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 11:34am EDT

Craig discusses a potpourri of topics including painting small models, British vs Pirates, Joan of Arc expansions, & the challenges of conjugating the verb "to dive."

Direct download: D6GPip30.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 7:56am EDT

Russ has recently visited Galaxy's Edge, is considering Star Wars: Legion, and looking at all the Star Wars shows & movies.  As someone who grew up with the franchise is this thing getting too big, or have we finally arrived?

Direct download: D6GPip29.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 6:04am EDT

Craig & Russ talk what they've been playing lately: Joan of Arc, Warhammer 40k, & Greedfall along with favorite shows.

Direct download: D6GPip28.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 9:06pm EDT

Craig joins Russ to share his thoughts on British vs Pirates...has he come around on this amazing game? Also they discuss a home brew scenario & give their rating of the game.

Direct download: D6GPip27.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 7:22am EDT

Russ shares his thoughts on the light age of sail game: British vs Pirates by Exocrate Games.  He has all the bling from vol 1 & vol 2 and has been painting & playing like crazy!

Direct download: D6GPip26.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 12:15pm EDT

Though we were NEARLY distracted by new Song of Ice and Fire announcements the news from GenCon 2019 that has Craig most excited is Marvel Crisis Protocol. We discuss the new rules and why the game appeals.

Direct download: D6GPip25.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 6:01am EDT

Craig and Russ discuss what they've been playing, painting, & watching lately. Topics include more Joan of Arc, more D&D, more 40k, contrast paints on a massive dragon and summer movies.

Direct download: D6GPip24.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 7:29am EDT

Craig has taken the plunge and invested heavily in Games Workshop's new line of "Contrast Paints." The hype has been high on these new products & Russ takes the opportunity to interview Craig on his findings:

  • What are Contrast Paints & How are they different?
  • How do you use them and what were the results?
  • Tips & tricks for someone about to take the plunge.
Direct download: D6GPip23.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 7:23am EDT

In classic D6G detailed review style ... Craig and Russ take a deep dive into the mechanics of Joan of Arc Time of Legends from Mythic games.
What will it receive via the patent-pending D6G rating system?
Direct download: D6GPip22.mp3
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Russ has been playing the heck out of Mythic Games' "Time of Legends: Joan of Arc." He's back in his car, this time with a better mic, sharing the results and thoughts from his first few plays of the game with his daughter. Can a game this intimidating with this many models hold the attention of his 15-year-old daughter?

Direct download: D6GPip21.mp3
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Russ just got back from a Memorial day camping trip with the family. Brain full of what he does to make gaming as much a part of the outdoors as hiking, he is anxious to share!

Direct download: D6GPip20.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 3:19pm EDT

Craig brings back the beloved segment "Do You Ever Notice?" and asks "Do you ever notice when miniature games are calling?"

Direct download: D6GPip19.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 1:38pm EDT

Craig and Russ share spoiler filled thoughts about episodes 1-3 of Season 8 of Game of Thrones. ** Caution: Here be spoilers!! **

Direct download: D6GPip18.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 9:32pm EDT

Craig and Russ discuss the emergent narrative campaign that occurred thanks to the brilliant in game mechanics and background of Song of Ice and Fire from Cool Mini or Not.

Direct download: D6GPip17.mp3
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Direct download: D6GPip16.mp3
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Direct download: D6GPip15.mp3
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Craig & Russ are joined by Teras of Geek Nation Tours in the 3rd chair as they talk what they've been playing recently.

Direct download: D6GPip14.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 9:23pm EDT

Craig & Russ report on the results of their Captain Con 2019 Adeptus Titanicus mega battle event.

Direct download: D6GPip13.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 7:11am EDT

Craig and Russ discuss their recent Adeptus Titanicus adventures and how they designed their mega battle scenario for Captain Con.

Direct download: D6GPip12_Adeptus_Titanicus_Sceario_Design.mp3
Category:D6G Podcast -- posted at: 6:55pm EDT

Craig & Russ discuss a special game night they held which hosted gamers from across the political spectrum in an effort to foster understanding between people of opposing viewpoints.

Direct download: D6GPip11.mp3
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